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Buju, sort for Buju man. a jamaican term to refer to a fellow black man. Also the name of famous reggie artist Buju Banton. another meaning of the Buju, is in Bengali language, it is a turn that can be used to refer to someone as being a Black Monkey, however when spoken to someone in the correct context shouldnt be taken as an insult also long as they know what u mean.
Safe my Buju bredrin, how u hol'in the puddy down..
by ßùjû Måñ™ May 28, 2005
Jaimaicin Bread pudding; common nickname for a chubby jaimiacan kid.
Dat fat bastads ah lil buju childe
by Christopher April 17, 2005
Originally an Aboriginal translation for 'vagina' the words meaning has evolved and can be used as social term to classify a good looking person.

Geographically localised to Northern Territory Australia
"Man!! Sheryl is a buju eh"

"that chick is one sik buju"


"i have an itchy buju"
by buju June 09, 2004
An alternative term for Jubu. Someone born Jewish who practices Buddhism.
Derek thought there was a spanner in the works, but in fact it was a buju.
by Buddhabing April 23, 2004
Your mom's side of the family is buddhist and your dad's side is jewish, or the other way around
shut up buju
by turtle June 08, 2003
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