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Bugz aka Karnail Pitts was one of D12's original members. Although he was tragically murdered in 1999 at the age of 21 in Detroit and didn't raise to fame, Bugz distinguishes himself with his remarkable flow delivery and his astute rhymes.
Bugz' These Streets EP, that involves collaborations with Bizarre, M.O.B., and 5150 is a rich and interesting piece of work. It truly represents the streets of Detroit.

For the story, it was one of Bugz'dearest wish to include Swifty Mc Vay in the group, which happened after he died.

In short, Bugz was a skilled emcee.
RIP Bugz, Karnail Pitts,original D12 member
by Isabelle Esling September 06, 2007
The late member of D12, was killed before he could see D12s rise to fame,it was one of his last wishes that Swift would be in the group, RIP Bugz
carnell pitts, bugz, RIP
by KonArtis September 12, 2004
One of the Original members of d 12. a great rapper and a great person who is respected greatly by the group. (R.I.P.)
Bug Z is, Sadly, No longer with us.
by ME!! January 22, 2005
A random girl called hez what might think he is a rabbit or might be half rabbitism
Hez i relly cool Bugz
by James April 19, 2005
A every rand girl what thinks she is a rabbit.
Hez is bugz the best and onley 1 i no.
by James April 19, 2005
An extremely ugly person who is in dire need of a lifesaving makeover. Usually roadkill is more attractive than a bugzly person.
Wow, is that a mutilated moose or that person just plain bugz?
by Chester August 06, 2004
Usualy someone really really fat and gets turned on by food like kebabpizza and stuff like that
Food = Instafrodd
by Bebba2 December 05, 2003
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