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(بوق) 'Boogh' Vulgar Slang
Bugh is a Persian word literally meaning horn, trumpet or beep.
But can be used instead of the word 'gooz' which means a fart with noise as appose to 'chosss' meaning silent fart.
This is used more by children rather than fully grown adults.

An emission of intestinal gas from the anus, esp an audible one
"bebakhshid man bugh kardam, movazeb kun"

"he was shoveling snow so hard he bughed loudly in his pants as he bent over"

"honey would it gross you out if my flower bughed a queef"

"i ate so much piii'oz and cuutlet that i could help letting out a cheeky bugh"
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by Andy Irooni va bastani June 09, 2011
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