An professional football franchise founded in 1960 by Ralph C Wilson jr. as an origional member of the AFL (American Football League). Two time AFL Champs in 64, 65.

The Bills, now a member of the NFL are mostly known for bad luck and an uncanny ability to choke in big games.

OJ Simpson who was previously the most exciting player to watch in the 70's became infamous when being accused of murdering his ex wife and boyfriend in the mid nineties.

Famus Chokes...

1966 AFL Champsionship game, would have landed them in Superbowl #1.

1988 AFC Championship

Four Straight Superbowls 25, 26. 27, 28

Homerun Throwback vs. Tennesee in 2000
"All the Buffalo Bills have to do in kneel down and they win the game. Oh wait, they funbled the snap! The other team ran it back for a touchdown! Gay."

by K Ding April 09, 2006
A man named jerome who stares at you from the countertop while you do anythng in the kitchen
dammit Jerome is such a buffalo bill, i hate how he stares at me
by leeskot October 26, 2010
noun -A skinny guy that digs great big fat chicks.
"Hey, check Jimmy out with that fat chick."

"Yeah he's Buffalo Bill, says it guarantees that he'll get laid."
by The Afterworld Cafe July 03, 2005
The new kid on the blocks of Chestnut Hill. He is very popular, and is seen at every party. If there is a party he is not at, it can be said that the party is not good. He now resides at the Ward manor, though he does not generally like it.

Buffalo Bill's main boys include plunkett, Merlini, and Lavin... To others these four are known as the Big Dogs. This is one kid not to mess with.
First two weeks Buffalo Bill stayed at Pete's house.
by QWERTY22 November 19, 2009
the act of tying a noose around your sexual partners neck and riding that ass like a buffalo
Last night i buffalo bill'd that trick ass bitch
by bok bok chickenhead December 28, 2009
The words you scream in bed in place of the other man/woman you are thinking about.
Buffalo Bill!
by tampontoddli February 14, 2009
noun) To call attention to a saved seat. Only works before you get up, or before someone else takes your place.

gay retard: I didn't hear you.
by thom anderson May 24, 2006
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