A pose struck by an ecdysiast ('stripper' to you) in which the arms are crossed below the breasts, emphasizing their cleavage and extension.
"Pasties and a g-string, beer and a shot, Portland through a shot glass and a Buffalo Squeeze" --Tom Waits
by comatus September 27, 2011
Top Definition
"A "Buffalo Squeeze" is the term that originated to describe the driving of a buffalo herd into a canyon with progressively narrowing walls and with no exit (The term is now used to describe using this same process on wild horses). The narrowing walls would slow the herd of stampeding beasts and eventually stop them as the canyon walls finally came together. Now facing the wrong direction and with no escape they were at the mercy of the pursuers. -anon.
the origins of "Squeeze Play" or "puttin' the 'squeeze' on someone ... "

pasties and a g-string
beer and a shot
Portland through a shot glass
and a Buffalo squeeze..." -Tom Waits
by Jake Baer January 21, 2006
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