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A deviant sexual act involving fishing a piece of change out of an anus then sticking it the recipients forehead.
"I just gave that bitch a buffalo nickel!"
by d koel for may July 28, 2009
Guys often refer to a good looking girl as a "dime", meaning the girl is a perfect 10 because there's 10 cents in a dime. So, you call a busted fat girl who's half as good looking and twice as big a Buffalo Nickel.
Hey look at that dime! It's too bad her friend is a Buffalo Nickel.
by Marksanassholebutalwaysright April 29, 2011
A term used for an unattractive woman. Useful when women are present because they probably do not know what it means.
"Damn Joey, this party is filled with buffalo nickels. Let's get the fuck out of here!"

"I heard David came home with a buffalo nickel from the club last night."
-"Yeah, he had to brown bag that ho!"
by Pimp Daddy Snakeskin October 25, 2007
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