The craziest party city in the world. People are up on the streets as late as 5/6 AM. Home to sick disco and dance clubs.
Dude, i went clubbing in Buenos Aires and fucked 4 chicks that night
by adumb lechill August 25, 2010
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The capital city of Argentina is a metropoli if contrast and paradox.

Placed where the Rio de la Plata meets the Atlantic, on the unbelievably flat Pampas, is home to a melting pot of races.

It is modern and old, exciting and frustrating, trendy and bureaucratic, sweet and violent.

It has a way of enticing you without you noticing. You curse her although you cannot leave her. Most 'porteños' (inhabitants or Buenos Aires, a 'puerto' after all) and newcommers will agree.
Buenos Aires Me Mata.

(Buenos Aires Kills Me)
by Ana de Elía July 13, 2005
Only one of the nicest cities in the whole world
Visit Argentina!!
by ?? April 20, 2004
buenos aires is the capital city of Argentina, where the biggest port of Argentina is located. Home to many famous football (soccer) teams like: boca, river, tigre, velez.
Most of foreigners love it, it is a charming and cheap metropoli because our peso is devaluated. Anyways come to argentina, good country best landscapes of the world, best meat, ice creams & of course Girls
in Buenos aires is the presidents house, the congress(like a parliament) and many important things
los 3 fonomasters
by Martin Chammah August 30, 2006
Capital city of Argentina.
Buenos Aires is a city full of gansters, bitches, mobs, crooks and politicians.
by Luketa October 07, 2003
The capital of Brazil.
Hey,Dieguito where are you going?
I am going to Buenos Aires, the capital of Brazil!
by mirabelle November 09, 2007

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