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A fortunate event or a really nice place.
That was no Buena Park.

Hollywood was cool and all, but it was no Buena Park.
by Madskillbassist1 June 02, 2008
noun: a city in orange county, california. home to knotts berry farm, beach blvd. hookers, the biggest failure of a mall, and historical eastside buena park gang. a skate crew that goes by the name of DEMA can be found shredding at peak park. some of the coolest mofos around work at identity boardshop. come in, buy a board, and then grab a beer next door at cups with bobby, byron, or stephen brah. blunts, blunts, and more blunts... these guys have you covered. TOKYO TERIYAKI : if you don't know, don't ask
Raul: Aye holmes I seen this hooker last night in Buena Park that looked like your madre compa

Pedro: Aye puto that wasss mi madre!
by poppin pedro October 30, 2009