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combinations of smells, consists of butt and pussy into one
your breath smells like budussi..
by FILTH November 26, 2003
8 5
bu-dussi the mixture of booty,dick,and pussy which originated from the movie "how To Be A Playa" with Bill Bellamy and Bernie Mac.
Dam!... Its Smells like Bu-dussi in here!
by Cadillac February 07, 2005
16 5
the smell that comes from booty, dick, and pussy at the same time, ie. after heterosexual sex
My sister smells like budussi often
by MissLynda November 11, 2006
8 4
budussy is an adjective used to describe things. budussy means booty, dick, and pussy. therefore the word could describe smell or taste.
as i walked past the whore, all i could smell was budussy. what weak gae that is.
by shug October 21, 2003
7 5
L'in the P...LICKIN THE PUSS!!!! or L'in the BD...LICKIN THE BUDUSS
"Yeah he L'ed her P last night...he said she should DOUCHE IT OUT"
by QueenDT June 22, 2003
4 8
L&B licking the buduss! He only want me fa my Bu-dussi.. whooo whoo whooo i think i need to wash it out... douche it out!
Lick my bu-dussi, i just washed it in a biday. Lickin da pu! aka pussi!
8 12