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A noun for a food product that is one part bread/loaf, one part mayo, and one part processed and reshaped meat product preserved with coagulated hydrolyzed proteins, emulsions, and nitrates thinly sliced and contained inside an indigestible crust. Typically buddigs are manufactured in car seats, bathrooms, on couches or on park benches, or at any local 7-11. The most typically used resource for the buddig is wonder bread, miracle whip, and 99 cent Carl Buddig lunchmeat with a past expiration date. When the need to chew Buddig is of hinderance, buddig can be blended into a puree and slurped down while still retaining the majority of its delicious and indigestible properties.
Matty, make me a buddig!
Would anyone like a glass of my liquid buddig? The vintage is Mesquite Ham.
Let's get to 7-11 and score some buddigs.
by Jobber67 December 04, 2010
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