The adjective that describes whether the nature of someone or something is awesome or just generally positive.
-Dude i got us tickets to go see Kings of Leon!
-Oh my god! Thats so buddhist!
by RampageReadman January 24, 2011
A buddhist is someone who plays the guitar alot and enjoys kissing in the rain, they strighten their hair and try to save the rainforest, as well as doing lots of charity work and they couldn't hurt a fly.
-awwww, i like that buddhist
-ooh i like him, hes such a buddhist
-if only my boyfriend was a buddhist
by sheeeeeep! June 04, 2009
Someone who believes that there is no god but will be reincarnated. Often philosophers and seekers of the meaning of life.
The Buddhist philosopher concluded that waffle doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.
by Pyrus October 22, 2003
A peaceful, happy, Religion.
but they have one slite problem....
the holiest form in the Buddhist Religion is a freaking cow...
Mike: Hey guess what!

Jake: what?

Mike: I'm a Buddhist now!

Jake: what?! why?! they're holiest form is a cow!!

Mike: what...? screw that, I'm Athiest...
by tori-lee May 01, 2007
Either a pretentious, pompous, and pseudo-intellectual narcissist or, if they aren't from a westernized nation (e.g. USA, UK, France), a follower of the teachings of Buddha.
I am so deep because I am a Buddhist!
by Anferny Jackson May 25, 2005
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