Slang street term for weed, marijuana, ganja ECT.
"Yes, never smoke the sess
Only hit the buddha when I'm laying on my chest"-Da Lench Mob
by mxc luver December 09, 2004
Buddha formally known Siddhartha Gautama. Is known throughout the entire world as the founder of Buddhism and a person who wanted to be known not as a god, but through his teachings. He is certainly one of the great men of all time. His theory of reincarnation is known throughout the world. And is more widley accepted by those in the scientific world. Also his theory of the earth coming about from a giant explosion or "Big Bang" is accepted by those in the scientific world also instead of the "God" theory
Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born in India.
by larry March 22, 2003
Dairy product, not to be confused with I Can't Believe it's Not Butter.
Barbara, it was like buddha!
by Reckless Rambler June 28, 2003
(adj, proper noun)
1) The state of being large, resembling the Buddha.
2) Josh P's father.
1: "We're going to the Americana tonight with Buddha, then a game of May I." - Dan Razzo
by JustinAC February 05, 2005
A nice, plump belly which protrudes and is rotund and looks edible
Can I touch your buddha?
by YODLER October 27, 2004
(n.) A mild-mannered obese man. Most applicable to the folicley challenged (means bald)
Your dad is such a buddha!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004

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