\Bud"dha\, n. Skr. buddha wise, sage, fr. budh to know. The title of an incarnation of self-abnegation, virtue, and wisdom, or a deified religious teacher of the Buddhists, esp. Gautama Siddartha or Sakya Sinha (or Muni), the founder of Buddhism.
n 1: founder of Buddhism; c 563-483 b.c.; worshipped as a god syn: Buddha, the Buddha, Siddhartha, Gautama, Gautama Buddha 2: one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment
Some damn good bud.
Buddha was a wise teacher.
Yo boss, blaze the buddha!
by Da In Ex Pli Ka Bul My Kal Be April 23, 2003
Another name for weed.
I be smoking that buddha everyday. or Damn that Buddha hit me hard!
by Eshu October 23, 2006
The one fat guy in every group of friends.. he is cool, chill, and all around awesome! this guy tends to be a smart ass and a philosophical genius
Cierra: that fat guy over there is pretty cool!

Allana: yea, he is!

Mike(the fat guy): you can call me Buddha!
by HineyMan July 13, 2010
A year 9 in NSBHS lookalike buddha. He likes to go bowling. Also wants to eat a panda.
Buddha, you hacker!
by Fr0stDawn May 04, 2009
something we call "weed" because it makes you a Buddhist and you look like a freakin chinese guy
Pass that Buddha yo!
by Jesus (mah man) September 30, 2007
Urban slang for marijuana. Also written as buddah.
He's selling buddha if he's got plenty of money. (lyric from Salt 'N Pepa's '93 song Heaven Or Hell)
by GuidoPosse69 February 02, 2005
a fat girl(or boy), particularly one considered unattractive in other ways as well.

This is due to their physical resemblance to the corpulent statues of 'The' Buddha (a spiritual teacher in the northern India 563-483 BC, and the founder of Buddhism).
Nate: dude, check out Stacey over there, sat on the bench
Arfur: what, with the blonde hair?
Nate: no, the other one. i spoke to her friend Louisa, and she's well up for you, man! You gonna tap that then?
Arfur: Nah man, i dont do Buddha's
by MeisterJ3D July 24, 2009

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