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A very peaceful, loving, funny, beautiful and utmost amazing girl/woman who you can look at all day long and just want to be around. Very Curvy and outgoing a buddha bitch will always make your day. Any woman willing to be nicknamed anything that has the word "bitch" in it is well enough a keeper. When they are a bitch it is always a laugh and never anything beyond sarcasm. This trait gives you the exciting feeling of dating a psycho bitch with none of the consequences. They are able to pull off a great image of beauty without altering anything physical about themselves. Any man who is a ladies man should appreciate what these women are capable of.

While on the hunt you may want to go in for the kill but WAIT! be patient like a cheetah and things will work themselves out.

To describe in one word...Goddess
To describe in one word repeated 3 times...HOT HOT HOT

Get your Buddha Bitch today! THEY ARE RUNNING OUT!
Willy-"hey I'm going to call you buddha bitch cause your a peaceful bitch of kickassery"

Nilly-"awww, that makes me want to do sexy stuff to you Willy!"
by Mr. Buldger February 24, 2010
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