A secondary product composed largely of THC and other chemicals from the leaves and stems, of marijuana plants
A gooey, wax-like substance, almost like a paste.
Often in local grow houses, by soaking the plant material in a solvent, like butane, to extract the most potent forms of THC and other chemicals.
Most often in e-cigarettes. Also smeared onto cigarettes or joints. Its fumes can also be inhaled directly after heating the wax on a knife over a stove.
Side effects: Severe hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, psychosis and heart problems.
Also known as: Butane hash oil, marijuana wax, ear wax hash
Person 1: Why is that guy doing jumping jacks on the I95?
Person 2: Must be using that budder
by upholdthegood December 02, 2014
Beanie wearing, unhygenic, hobbit-like computer head who spends his life savings turning an imac into a soopercomputer.
imagine a junior Bill Gates who never showers or cuts his finger nails.
by john sutcliffe December 03, 2003
a mixed drink made from 4 parts budweiser and 1 part melted butter.
At dinner last night I got confused and thought my mom asked me to "pass the budder". She said she was disappointed in me.
by b whit on the mic February 28, 2010
when making special brownies with bud, and not hash, you mix the melted butter and bud, then strain it, thus makin budder
stoner: "hey dudes, what do you get when mixing melted butter and bud?"
friend: " i dont know man, what"
stoner: "budder, get it, hahaha"
by puppeteers420 February 26, 2007

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