a mixed drink made from 4 parts budweiser and 1 part melted butter.
At dinner last night I got confused and thought my mom asked me to "pass the budder". She said she was disappointed in me.
by b whit on the mic February 28, 2010
Top Definition
Budder has been lab tested by Dr. Paul Hornby to be 99.7% THC.
Budder which is below 90% THC would no longer be classed as budder.
Budder was invented by the 'BudderKing' in Vancouver (Canada).

Tips and techniques for smoking Budder:

'Quarter Mile Method' (for those with electric stoves) - Heat up a quarter on the element of your stove till the quarter is glowing red hot. Have a tiny amount of Budder (an amount the size of a pin head or slightly larger) ready on the end of a long metal pin.

As soon as the quarter is glowing red hot, turn off the stove burner, and allow the quarter to cool SLIGHTLY, but only slightly (5 seconds).

Touch down the pin to the top of the quarter, and inhale the resulting smoke through your mouth. It helps to catch it all if you use a paper towel tube. Hold in the smoke for 15 seconds, then exhale and take a seat. Repeat if necessary.
Hot Knife Method - Heat up the tip of a single hot knife with a blowtorch, torch lighter, or gas stove. Then, allow it to cool slightly.

Hot Knife Method - Heat up the tip of a single hot knife with a blowtorch, torch lighter, or gas stove. Then, allow it to cool slightly.

Have a tiny amount of Budder ready on the end of a pin, touch it down onto the tip of the hot knife. Be sure to keep the blade of the knife flat, as Budder liquifies instantly when heated.

Budder looks and feels like ear wax! The more light golden color the more potent the budder is.
Average Smoker: 'why are you putting ear wax on that hot knife?'
Pro smoker: 'Why do you care? Want a hit?'
Average Smoker: 'sure'
Pro Smoker: 'here dude'
Average Smoker: *sucks in the thc* 'MAN, THATS THE BEST SHIT IVE EVER SMOKED!'
Pro Smoker: 'yea its like the ear wax of gods, it's called Budder'
by Turtlesmoker February 20, 2007
a slang term for Butter/Gold.

The term was made popular by the channel SkyDoesMinecraft and has been used by many gamers all over the world.
The budder was so majestic.

9 Budder ingots will make a Budder Block

The budder was so beautiful.

The squids stole the budder

Steve crafted budder pants.
by Wumbosaurous February 10, 2013
Cannabis extract which ranges from 80-90% THC. The best weed tops off at around 27%, therefore making Budder extremely strong. 'Invented' by BudderKing.
'Man, that Budder kicked me in the balls! I'm so high!'
by Hampton Magna February 06, 2006
1. the concentrated form in THC, the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana(Source: wikipedia)
2(the important definition): a overused word used by Minecraft-playing 12 year olds so they can feel special when they're annoying the mature community. Started by SkyDoesMinecraft
<Anti-Spam> Stop typing in all caps! 2 warnings left.
<Anti-Spam> Stop typing in all caps! 1 warning left.
<Anti-Spam> Person has been kicked!
<Admin> /banip person Spamming will not be tolerated. Banned for spamming a related word to marijuana.
by bulby13 July 04, 2013
What SkyDoesMinecraft calls gold.
Steve crafted a budder block.
SkyDoesMinecraft ate the budder. "Nom nom nom, om nom"
by budder May 04, 2014
Term of endearment. When someone is more than a 'buddy', but not quite a 'brother'.
After a night like that, you are my budder.
by Cowboybob March 12, 2014
1. A word used by Skydoesminecraft to replace the word Butter.
2. A word used by Sky-Army Recruits to replace the word Butter.
Budder is so majestic
9 Budder Ingots makes Budder Blok.
by Skylar Rockgut March 24, 2013

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