I've got some kind bud, dude.
by doug March 21, 2001
bud is when you need to scratch your balls so bad that you rip off your pants in public and scratch like a mad whore.
i have to bud so bad
by ethaylor May 06, 2008
The word a chick uses to put you in the worst place for a man, the friendzone.
Guy 1: "Oh my god you are so beautiful!"
Girl 1: "Thanks bud"
by Jimmyjohnjackjill February 19, 2015
A form of pseudo-currency used in the Team Fortress 2 trading scene. Shorthand for the item "Earbuds," a promotional item released in 2010 given to anybody who ran the game on an Apple computer, the infrequency of such players at the time and limited run of the promotion led to the item becoming quite rare. Worth approximately 30$ but subject to price fluctuations due to the instability of the TF2 market. Due to their value they are used for trading high value items such as unusual cosmetics.
Seller: Looking to trade a Massed Flies Stout Shako for ~8 buds or equivalent
Buyer: Wow, that's the worst deal I've ever seen. Reported, blocked, uninstalled, called the cops, etc.
by Yung Brimstone December 26, 2014
a another term for marijuana or cannabis.
" have you got dat bud fam"

"yo blood you shottin bud"
by henchman777 August 17, 2014

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