Alternative to calling someone a cunt, a pussy, a cowtard, a corrupt Republican-worshipping numbskull, and other effeminate/cowardly insults in one word.
Watch who you're mouthing off to, bud.
by Col. Dr. April 24, 2006
A naturally grown plant people smoke to hallucinate. If you smoke a lot you will start to trip out and see things.
Jack and Jill smoked so much bud they started tripping out and we had to lock them in their bedrooms.
by Hannyah March 16, 2006
The most imporant tool on making decisions. Used most easily with a bowl (see also pot smoking devices)
I had three dates that night and a mid-term the next day. So I smoked some bud and said fuck it. Fucked the hotter of the three. Came home and went to sleep.
by Nowiwantbud December 01, 2003
Used to decribe DeBuDGuY, or the beer
Hey BuD! Have a vanned Bud!
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
A kid who looks like a girl and is a 5'4 fashion major at school of the fags
Bud: hey i like you
Katie: hey i like you to but i have a boyfriend
Bud: Who cares just dump him
Katie: Alright then i will suck your dick
by Dont Worry About It February 06, 2005
Great shit to smoke!!!
puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, pass!
by Chris July 28, 2003
like plant eva....its all about getin smokin a tonk zuut now....
im pickin up an ounce of bud 2nite....u wana go halves?
by ddd_Demon January 10, 2005

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