My best friend.
One of the best things in the world.
Figure it out yourself.
by donno im stoned September 09, 2003
My ONLY BUD! My best bud !! A fatty.. but a cute one at that!
buddy's gotta lotta love to give...!!
by Spazzyy August 04, 2004
short for "Budweiser"

Budweiser is the most popular cheap American beer.
to police officer after he pulls you over for driving like a maniac: "I cant be drunk... i only had 1 Bud"
by slickrick November 26, 2003
The drummer for the sic band Sublime.
Bud Gaugh has got the beats and he's right on time, we got Eric Wilson layin' down the funky bass lines....
by Johnny B. May 04, 2004
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