headache in a bottle.
another synonym for weed mary jane

bud delivers mild hallucinagenic effects and MAKES YOU WANT TO EAT BARE PERKINS INNIT BLUD nutella is the best perkins
"bud is peng" or "theres bare bud in this joint" or "that joint gave me bare perkins, i want nutella"
by Man with lare wanger June 06, 2006
the coolest guy EVER
by Anonymous October 12, 2003
A 5'4 fashion major that goes 2 school of the fags who cant get a girl in his own grade, so he hits on the younger one and tells them about how rich he is and the ask them out on his boat, and from wut we hear he looks like a girl and is a really big dumbass
Bud: "hey katie you want to come out on my boat with me"
Katie: "ya!!! I would love that!"
Bud: "We will have fun" (hes thinking in his head "yesssss!!!! im getting my dick sucked by this broad"
by Crazy kid February 06, 2005
But Ugly Dyke. A very ugly lesbian.
1. Suzy is such a bud.
2. All buds should be shot.
by Nate Hyde August 31, 2005
Bend upon directions
The sexspecialist wished to enter him with her strap on and asked him to bud
by CriostoirHulme August 07, 2005
one with whom you have a random hook up (usually after getting shit housed) and cannot remember their name in the morning.
I humped bud last night.
by nikeolous May 18, 2006
An extremely large female officer
"yo look at that freak ass bud"
by stunna May 28, 2003

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