The dryed flower of canabis.
Where is the bud ?
-Lord Imfamous
by greg12433 March 15, 2006
another name for pot, weed, ganja, maijuana, maryjane, exc...
Let's go pick up some bud.
by kaitlin t May 16, 2005
A game (shortened from budweiser) involving taking tokes from a joint whilst holding your breath and passing it round, saying "bud" then "weis" then "er" and upon saying "er" you can exhale. Causes major stoning from having maximum THC absorption in your lungs.
A) wanna play bud?
B) yeh
C) yeh
A) bud (tokes, passes to B)
B) bud (tokes, passes to C)
C) bud (tokes, passes to A)
A) weis (tokes again, passes to B)
B) weis (tokes again, passes to C)
C) weis (tokes again, passes to A)
A) er (exhales, passes to B)
B) er (exhales, passes to C)
C) er (exhales, resumes normal toking)
A) ... I'm really high
B and C) same as
A B and C) laughs at how high everyone is
by Green Wizard December 30, 2007
1) A very good friend

2) Part of A Cannabis Plant
1. Hey Man Your My Best Bud :)

2. Hey Man This Is Some Good Bud :)
by -_-KbFX-_- May 30, 2009
1. marijuana (cannabis sativa)
2. rudiment of a flower, shoot or foliage; a leaf or flower not fully open.
3. the preferred part of the marijuana plant to smoke.
They provided me with excellent buds. I can recommend my dealer to you.
by justine meg selv July 31, 2005
My best friend.
One of the best things in the world.
Figure it out yourself.
by donno im stoned September 09, 2003
My ONLY BUD! My best bud !! A fatty.. but a cute one at that!
buddy's gotta lotta love to give...!!
by Spazzyy August 04, 2004

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