budding breasts;
breast buds;
shallow and undeveloped breasts at the beginning of puberty where the areola often occupies more of the breast than the surrounding glandular tissue;
Tanner Stage 2 in breast development;
Mom got my first trainer bra as soon as my buds started showing.
by Alias Virtualis April 21, 2013
a staple in canadian vocabulary used mainly by hockey players and country boys often while intoxicated
huck me a brewski bud

Bud scored the winnin goal there bud
by fuckyeahbud May 26, 2015
The word a chick uses to put you in the worst place for a man, the friendzone.
Guy 1: "Oh my god you are so beautiful!"
Girl 1: "Thanks bud"
by Jimmyjohnjackjill February 19, 2015
a another term for marijuana or cannabis.
" have you got dat bud fam"

"yo blood you shottin bud"
by henchman777 August 17, 2014
Friends who are made over a drink, such as a budweiser or bud light.
I'm gonna go hang with some of my buds at the bar tonight.
by epftw August 05, 2011
infinite friendzone ;forever
boy- you're so pretty
girl- aww thanks bud
by Henry/Niki December 01, 2015
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