Boston University Dinghy Sailors.

Boston University's club sailing team that competes with varsity sailing teams across America and beats them regularly.

A great group of kids that sail the waters of the River Charles.

A drinking team with a sailing problem.

Person 1: Where were you last night?

BUDS: I was at BUDS thanksgiving, which is why I'm still hammered.
by Go BU April 17, 2010
Bud is an awesome guy. Gorgeous as hell. Sweet,amazing,funny,and a total bamf.

He makes girls smile tons and anyone is lucky to have him.
Bud has an amazing name and can give you butterflies with the stupidest things.
He is pretty much all you could ever want wrapped into one guy.
I think my boyfriend is a Bud.
by PormQueen July 19, 2010
A) Plural. A group of friends

B) Singular. Used as a prefix to normal words, it denotes falling short of the actual word because of your
A) "What are you doing tonight?" "Not, much, just going to Brother Jimmy's with the Buds."

B) At karaoke night 6 grown men (buds) screamed along to a Dashboard Confessional song to the horror of everyone at the bar. It can only be described as a budformance.

by WallytheBud December 19, 2006
a super hot guy who is also a douche bag but in a hilarious way and he goes to an all boys prep school and did i mention he is really hot
Bud is yummy.
by mwahaha19971997 September 15, 2011
Head of a man's penis
"Emma, would you like to suck my bud?"
"Does it count if I only got my bud in?"
"No it doesn't work on the whole thing, just the bud"
"His bud was so big, looked like one of those field mushrooms"
"If you only get the bud in it's like splashing around in the shallows without going into the deep end"
by Robertron May 07, 2011
Butt Ugly Douchlord
Omg that guy is such a BUD
by howaya my friend November 18, 2010
Slang for the Toronto Maple Leafs
The Buds played pretty well last night, eh?
by - January 07, 2005

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