1) A name most people of Irish decent call their friends. Especially popular in Nova Scotia, around the PHK, Sydney, New Watreford and Antigonish areas.
2)A bundle of marijuana that you can smoke in a joint or in a pipe.
3)A flower before it's fully bloomed.
4) A shorter name for Bud Light beer.
1) Patrick:Hey, hows it going bud! How've ya been?
Ragan:Pretty good, eh! Just going to the hockey game with my bud, Mackenzie.
2)Carl:Hey man, wanna come to my place after school, I just got a couple bud's from Squiggles and I was gunna smoke 'em.
Fraser: Why not, eh?
3)Alice:I can't believe this! It's been three weeks and my tulips are still buds!
Cathy:Don't worry, they'll come around sooner or later.
4)Alanna: Hey Kenneth! Will you toss me a bud! I'm almost empty.
Kenneth: Sure thing babe, just give me a minute, I gotta finish taping my stick.
by aswizzle October 19, 2010
The Humboldt State Ultimate Frisbee Team. Located in Arcata, California, The Humboldt Buds were once ranked 4th in the nation. They are considered a small west coast team who sits atop the lower echelon.
The Humboldt Buds can sure smoke a shit load and still kick ass at ultimate!

You know the BUDS are ranked pretty high this year!
by Humboldt_Ultimate February 18, 2009
a close friend like a best mate or someone just as close.

simply just a random add on word to grab the attention of a friend
example number 1: Your my buds
example number 2: what you doing today buds
by Donga December 21, 2005
short for buddy
Hey, bud, what's up?
by whatisbud1234 March 25, 2010
budding breasts;
breast buds;
shallow and undeveloped breasts at the beginning of puberty where the areola often occupies more of the breast than the surrounding glandular tissue;
Tanner Stage 2 in breast development;
Mom got my first trainer bra as soon as my buds started showing.
by Alias Virtualis April 21, 2013
Back Up Dick
When your regular booty call is unavailable you need to have a BUD aka Back Up Dick.
by been_there_done-that July 15, 2015
a another term for marijuana or cannabis.
" have you got dat bud fam"

"yo blood you shottin bud"
by henchman777 August 17, 2014

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