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Crazy or odd. Although the true meaning lies soley in the person who is saying it.
You get quite bucky when you're tired.
by umlikewhatever December 16, 2010
1 8
A nick name used in a elderly cartoon show that didnt air-on-television-tubes for very long, "Bucky O'Hare".
The show was based upon a Green fur coloured JackRabbit like Rodent, named Bucky O'Hare, the T.V. show aired for about 1 years, almost making 2. This bunny was playing a role of a Law Enforcement officer in space, with a merry crew to aide/assist him. The time aired was around 1989-1994, going on this reporters' stressed out and unimportant momeries of recollection.
there is no example to give onto this deffinition due to the fact it is a "Nickname"-Bucky in a Television show cartoon, based on the main Star/Character of said show.
by Maurice Clarence Jr' Cormier January 16, 2008
2 9
That stupid looking dork that your ex-girlfriend is now dating and swears is the greatest guy in the world.
" What the hell, Jimbo? You musta been a real prick to her, check out that fucking Bucky she's with now!"
by Dixon Syder March 17, 2007
12 19
When some makes a good shot usually basketball but it can apply to other things too, comes from shoot paper into a waste basket, bucky (bucket)
You a make perfect shot- "Oh Buckies!"
by popeyesisdashiznit October 25, 2006
1 8
pet name for bucket bongs
plural = buckies
q-what are u doin tonight?
a-gonna get on the buckies and go to see Xmen2
by karlos karlito March 25, 2004
11 18
Bucky-someone with large buckteeth that friends make fun of...
BJB has very big buckys..
B-rabi buckys are huge..
by Brannon Banks September 25, 2006
6 14
Another way of saying "Buck" as in buck naked.
I want my bitch to get bucky naked.
by IceWarm February 24, 2004
11 19