doin madd ladies (145 or more) in the course of one day
yo dude i went home n was buckin maddd ladies last night
by go fuck yourself and suck a dick October 17, 2007
Top Definition
The beautiful and longlasting bromance between Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland of Coldplay.
Everything is Buckin and it hurts like heaven.
by cartoonheart November 06, 2011
Commonly used in Memphis, it usually has two meanings.
1. A urban dance commonly seen in area in Memphis TN, similair to pop locking and breakdancing or the heel-toe and chickenhead all mixed into one
2. getting crunk and rebeling against the law
Example 1. They were buckin so hard at the party.

Ex 2. those folks were buckin at the police
by Miss Diva August 29, 2005
Coined from the term Get Buck, meaning get gangsta, or show aggression. Displaying your preparedness to fight.
My clique is buckin, dont' fuck around and get hurt.
by exjinn June 23, 2005
the act of ignorin' rules or directions
Person #1: Billy, take out the garbage?
Person #2: Ma, i'm buckin'!!
by Risa April 08, 2004
Uncontrollable laughter resulting in the human body being thrown back and forth in similar style to that of an angry brumby
"She was totally buckin'!"
by Pifaroo March 24, 2003
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