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ntr.v. buckalew·ed, buckalew·ing, buckalew·er

1. To forcibly remove the head of a dead body, in order to fashion a useful tool out of the head.

2. What goth kids do when they are 'bored'.

3. Acts used to land a hot 29 year old smart babe.
Guy 1 : "Wow, sweet bong man!"
Guy 2 : "Yeah, I totally buckalewed it from that car accident."
Guy 1 : "What are you doing after school?"
Guy 2 : "I'm going buckalewing tonight man, want to come?"
Guy 1 : "Do you think I'll ever get a chance with that chick?"
Guy 2 : "I bet if she knew you were a buckalewer she's be all over you!"
Guy1 : "I bet your right, I'm going to make her a vase!"
by drstroker September 24, 2009

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