It's a Rammstein song where Till whips out his penis hose and humps Flake.
Buck dich befehl ich dir
wende dein Antlitz ab von mir
dein Gesicht ist mir egal
buck dich
by Till's Slore February 21, 2005
Bück dich is the command form of Bend down!
Bück dich! Ich will dich ficken!
by Court March 08, 2005
means " bend over " in german also a song bye rammstein ( good band good song ) ( u should look up the video to buck dich )
nick p: " BÜCK DICH james ( look up james hansberger) i want to bang u in the ass ! "
james : " ok but only if i get to eat my pizza rolls while ur doing it "
by randi October 16, 2004
A kikass song by Rammstein and it is also good to insult noobs if they don't know what it means.
Hey if u dont shut the fuck up i will go bück dich on yo ass!
by Teh Dean January 08, 2006
Arron Glass
Man that damn Buck Dich always wakes me up at 7am jumpin on my back.
by Jo Mama July 28, 2003
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