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A long awaited, passionate kiss usually driven by strong sexual desire; lust; intense passion.
1. " So....damn. I think I'm in love with my lab partner. I think I might as well, um, well, buccinate her with my buccinator."
by goingtotexas February 14, 2013
13 0
1. an adjective meaning sexy, amazing, or basically anything pleasing to the senses. A very handy word when all other adjectives fail you and this is all you can think of.

2. a possessive noun describing some part of the body but having an unspecified location. Typically the butt area, but can represent other places on the human.
Catherine, your Buccinate is looking SO buccinate today. I just want to stare at it all day.
by Adribabee November 29, 2009
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