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Noun. Pronounced like pubes but with a b instead of a p. Random hairs around the nipple.
I can't go out tonight, I have to go home and pluck my bubes.
by Sneakynicolai August 20, 2010
3 2
Like pubes, but around the nipple.

Thick, pubic like hairs on or around a girls areola(byewbs)
Girl: Oh my gosh baby look at these thick hairs on my boobs!
Guy: yeah you should probably get rid of those bubes
by notabtard January 08, 2014
0 0
Hair on the Chest

Etymology: Mixture of the words boobs and pubes
In order to become less skanky, the woman plucked the bubes from her chest one by one.
by Branden Armendt December 13, 2005
22 24
We all know the breats are the upper ventral region of an animal’s torso, particularly that of mammals, including human beings. The breasts of a female mammal’s body contain the mammary glands, which secrete milk used to feed infants.

Bubes are exactly theese, except funnier...
pronounced - b-yubes
Singular - bube

Paul: Can i touch your bubes?
Nat: Haha you said bubes ^_^
by Paul Neeson May 10, 2007
15 19
a lady has 2 bubes
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
15 22
a bube, much like a pube, is a short 'n curly, course, hair but rather found in the genital region, it's found in the buttocks... hence the word "bube."
Upon opening the tub of cream cheese this morning, there was a gnarly bube in it! Was it you Morgan?
by Number Cinco January 04, 2010
5 13
Chest hair, except on on boobs.
Joe- Dude, whats wrong with you today?
Tom- Lisa's Bubes were poking out today, its hard to look at her cleavage, when all you can see is hair!!
by dewwy113 January 25, 2009
4 12