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When you are banging a chick doggie style in a bathroom and shove her face into the toilet. When she blows bubbles you have successfully done the "Bubble Guppie
I was banging Mary in the bathroom at the Waffle House and gave her the old Bubble Guppie
#bubble guppie #bathroom #sex #waffle house #toilet
by Kentucky Hot Brown January 11, 2014
1)The new word for A Ratchett
2) A higher class ratchett
Damn that girl is a bubble guppie
#bubble #ratchett #guppie #that girl #higher class
by calisweetness December 02, 2014
Bubble guppies are air that is released from female vaginas. Also known as a "Queef"
"Awh man, I just had a little Bubble Guppie come out of me!"
by Dannylovely74_ April 13, 2016
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