A term used to describe when a dog sucks on the end of a pillow or other object. It is often do to a lack of love and attention.
aww look how sweet, that dog is bubbin on the pillow again
by oreobaby August 08, 2009
Top Definition
Noun: Your best friend ever in life
Adjective: A word used to describe anything small, tiny, or cute (ie puppies).
Noun: Erinn, you are the best bubbins ever.
Adjective: Awww I love Tilly's bubbins face--she's such a cute puppy!
by Jesska077 October 20, 2008
A stray dog, lost dog, or random dog.
Hey look, it's Bubbin!

Oh, you mean that dog over there?


by M@DD!3 & J3NN@ December 25, 2007
The act of whipping your nuts out of your pants in a public setting, especially when warming up in the outfield before a baseball game
"Ryan, are you bubbin'?"
"Yea Boston, you know I'm bubbin'"
"Dude, what the fuck, why are your nuts out?!?!?"
"Shut the fuck up JJ"
by YeAintBubbin'LikeI'mBubbin March 31, 2010
A stray, random, or unidentified dog.
Maddie: Hey, look at that stray dog!
Jenna: (Goes over to dog) Hey, Bubbin!
by HOLA! January 04, 2008
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