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An almost pure Indica strain of marijuana. Tastes very sweet, gives you a nice body high. Its A Type Of Medical Marijuana
Man I bought an eighth of that bubba kush i was stoned the rest of the day.
by themjmandan July 22, 2008
The best weed you will ever smoke, a cross of Bubble Gum and Kush. It's very sweet and relaxing, a great pain killer. You will find it at a lot of California medical marijuana clubs.
You want to smoke a blunt I got some Bubba Kush from the club.
by Chi Town Finest March 22, 2009
dank shit, makes you tired but feel amazing. also gives you munchies, more then usual.
you got some food? im hungry after smoking that bubba kush
by gannjagirl July 21, 2010
Means the same as weed (marijuana)
Bought A Pound Of Bubba Kush Just 2 Get The Clique High (from gucci mane's song: Street Nigga)
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