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White rapper adding a southern flare to his music.
Bubba Sparxxx works w/Timbaland composing his beats.

And G-Union, copp'n off G-Unit. Who's the wangsta? Get your own name bitch.
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
Somehow people seem to think of him as a one hit wonder. Buy the record ass, its pretty good. And oh yeah dumbass ever hear of "Deliverance", Yeah stfu.
Bubba is a pretty bomb rapper
by Sean January 26, 2004
Bubba's So Much Better
If you think Bubba's a one hit wonder think again
Wait until you see the album deliverence.
by Afi K. James July 21, 2003
An O.K rappa his only good song is that new deliverance and that one by Archie Called We Ready featuring him
Bubba is betta then feminem
by Crow August 17, 2003