Refers to Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.
Home of Illinois State University & Illinois Wesleyan University.
Home of State Farm Corporate Headquarters.
Has the most actuarial scientists per capita in the entire nation.
I'm heading down to B-town to chill tonight.
by becd August 28, 2006
The name of a warzone in West Yorkshire where the stormtroopers are law
ya man going to b-town CHILLAAAAA
by Marco1 July 23, 2006
Fuck Berkeley. B-town actually refers to Bloomington, MINNESOTA. No it is not a hick town. Actually we have a pretty big drug problem, and are damn gangsta (If you don't believe me let me drive you a couple miles up to Lake Street, Minneapolis and we'll see how many holes you come back with...) No, we do not pronounce our a's and o's differently, thats only farther up north. Bloomington is just south of Minneapolis, like i said before, and is the REAL owner of the Mall of America. Not Minneapolis. It's located in Northeast Bloomington and is the largest mall in the country and the 2nd largest in the world. Yeah.. also when we refer to coke or pepsi products we dont say soda we say pop. Not soda-pop. Just pop. I don't know why...that's just how we do.
Deonte: You hear what's poppin' round B-Town tonight?
Shawn: Man i was just finna hit up MOA and holla at some biddys.
Deonte: Aight that sounds hot
by DWD June 04, 2006
whats a binbrook
by G-R-E-G June 04, 2003
What are ya'all on about? Everyone knows it stands for Blenheim. Yeh, thats right Blenheim, Marlborough, Sth Island, New Zealand, South Pacific, Sth Hemisphere, Earth.
Person 1 "Where you from my African Brother?"
Person 2 "B-Town Rep"
Person 1 "Nice"
by Repping 203 January 31, 2005
Whut up Bimbrook
wanna figh B-Town
by ROB HALL June 03, 2003
Brevard North Carolina!
Representin' B-Town!
by B-town Girl April 21, 2004

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