A town in South Dakota, known as Brookings.
I hung out in B-Town all weekend.
by Dianeb October 06, 2006
A small, yet crunk-ass, city in Nebraska.Home of "THE" party car.
Bellevue, NE
Ay dude wuts poppin tonight in B-Town?
by Big D-Web May 27, 2006
brampton,ontario...reppin to da fullest...fuk all these other cities.....suck my dick
brampton, ontario a.k.a b-town...kicks ass...What!!!!!
by KILLA January 16, 2005
BeanTown as in da Bean, like Boston, Holla
Who you reppin
Bean Town fo sho
Wat you kno bout dat
by SexyTriniGal December 15, 2003
Bothell, Washington is home of the BTC mayne! B-Town Crazies 4 life!
I'm reppin' B-Town, til the day that I die...
by Pacman aka Big Al July 17, 2006
Boston is the REAL b-town. Partys don't last as long but you'll have more fun here.
"You can find me in B-town until the day I die"
by Snyder September 17, 2005
Referring to Borculo, Michigan (just north of Zeeland)
I'm still livin in b-town
by its_tator November 05, 2006

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