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Biloxi, Mississippi also known as "Buck City"
"where r u from"
"B-Town, Mississippi"
by Q-Dubb August 04, 2007
Popular name to the city of Boxmeer, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands.
"Come on dudes, let's represent B-town tonight!"
by The Sideshow November 30, 2006
(Berkley), California The only place were you can where a coffin backpack and not get any sidways looks.
"Fuck B-Town im from Oak-Town"
by A'Spades October 28, 2004
Berkeley, California
Homey from Oakland Lowerbottom, "Foo's on the corner think they're hard but they's only from b-town. Let's bust a cap in their ass..."
by LeRoy January 13, 2004
Come on. Everyone knows b-town is BERKELY. Just like "the avenue" is TELEGRAPH. Psh.
I went to B-town and bought some antiwar stickers from a street person on the avenue.
by Yeah whatever. February 16, 2005
Bakersfield, California. West Coast Capital of Country Music. home to legendary Buck Owens, goatse, tri-tip, KoRn, the killer Kern River and 110 degree summers that start in June/July and cool down in October!
B-Town, Bakersfield, CA
by J.D. Ortiz September 07, 2006
Burlington, Vermont. Number one city for living in the US, consecutively.
Yo them b-town bitches is scandalous!
by ThugDoubt May 26, 2004