A slang name for Brampton
"Shotouts to B-Town"
by UrbanAssault December 06, 2002
short for bustleton are.Also were the BAWLS ride hard.home to the boys big boy gerry andrew ralph mike guns and the rest of the squad.B-TOWN SQUAD UP!!
YO bawl i wouldnt fuck with them there from "B-TOWN"
by b-town rida March 15, 2008
B-Town is named after the township of Brick located in non other then the Jersey Shore. BTown is home of the Dragons and Mustangs. Also it is the Safest City is the US. Home of the sickest partys you will ever attend. and having the beach part of your everyday life.
person 1:: where you from?
person 2:: BTOWN babyyy
by Jessicaaa222 May 03, 2007
The true meaning originates from Belmont, California. Coming from young sports teams' cheers, evolved to be copied by mainly any city beginning with the letter 'B'.
B-town you know!

San Carlos sucks, we rep B-town son!
by Spencer kicks your ass October 04, 2007
Brick Town, New Jersey. also known as safest city in the United States. yeah thats how tough we are. known for having kick ass parties, and livving it up at the beachs. brick beach 3, a school reunion every summer. it the best place to live. <3 home of two high schools, BTHS, and BMHS. Old Brick, and Memorial. also found in the Jersey shore!<3
yo any parties in b-town tonight? obviouslyy.
by J3ssica May 16, 2007
a slang term for Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Yo my nigga, we gonna go to b-town niga.
by Jimmy Joezghe June 11, 2006
short for bitch town
yo are they tough?naw theyre from b-town
by yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa July 10, 2008

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