B-town reffers to Brampton, or Brown Town
Claudette: Are you reaching tonight?
Dee: where?
Claudette: B-town
Dee: Ohh Brampton, the city with all the brown people?
by Liyahh October 22, 2006
1. (n) one who shows no shame; Badass;

B-Town is the name of an infamous Kent State student who hosts a provocative sex radio show on campus. She speaks about everything without forsaking every detail. She is crazy and heard to be quite scandalous. Everyone knows her.

2. (v) get crazy; slut it up
Dude1: Did you see that girl I just danced with?
Dude2: Ya, she totally went b-town on your d*ck!
by Golden Flash December 01, 2009
The shittiest ski hill ever. located in byron, a suberb of london ontario canada. heance the name Btown. sick park
Person 1 : yo brah u wanna go shread Btown?
Person 2 : ye, we'll go hard
by Btown shreader June 27, 2009
Abbreviation for Belchertown in western Massachusetts. So used because the name, Belchertown, reminds people of belching (burping) and of belchers (people who burp).

Sadly, Belchertown replaced the original name of the town: Cold Spring.
"Where are you from?"


"Ugh, that sounds awful."

"It's actually quite pretty; the locals call it B-Town because of its awful name."
by musicalvoyyeur June 07, 2009
Nickname for Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A more well known nickname for Baton Rouge is Jigga City.
We'll be goin to B-Town tonight!
by Allstar0319 May 21, 2009
A second-rate city.
New York, L.A. would be first rate cities to most.
While small cities like Fort Worth, or Abilene would be second rate. Boring cities.
I'm from a b-town, a small city in the midwest where the most exciting thing to do for most people there was to go shopping on weekends.
by mott the snoople January 03, 2008
B-Town Stands for brampton, home of the notorious springdale hood.
Where u from ?
by Spggg July 28, 2006

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