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An Awesome girl Who Usually Tends To Be Relaxed, And Friendly, But Until You Upset Her She Can Be Quite a Bitch!
Trends:brown hair, brown eyes, naturally curly or frizzy hair.
Brytney Likes To go For Runs.:]
The Girl Named Brytney Isnt Friends With Just 1 Clique.
by Bowchicka!<3 November 24, 2009
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An outspoken girl which everyone loves. She's really quiet until you get to know her. She is smart, beautiful and a ninja. Pandas are her favorite animal and the color blue looks best on her. She tends to hang around many different people, gaining life skills and experience with her peers. She is never short of company or things to do, as her busy life style always keeps her on the go. She is not to be messed with, because she can be quite miserable and fiery.
"That girl is so beautiful! She should be a model," Mary said in utter disbelief of the girl who stood across the hall way.

"I know right! I hear she's head of the drama club; and that she's like super smart!" Tanya said placing her hands on her hip.

"Oh, that's Brytney." Jason said walking over, overhearing their conversation. Brytney heard her name and smiled at them sweetly, like a great person she is.
by Thee_PandaBear July 18, 2014

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