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To Bryson - Bri-son - To be bothered by the unwanted, unwelcome presence of another individual, especially with tendencies toward joining you and other parties bringing absolutely nothing of significance to the present conversation.
Dude, earlier, while we were talking about that bodacious babe, Brian Jarret came over and totally Brysoned us. I completely lost my train of thought due to his asinine bullshit.
by Feed Me Garbage July 25, 2007
a name given to one that dates undesirable females.
"Ew, wtf man, you're a total Bryson for dating her. She looks like a dog."
by Stephen Welch October 09, 2006
kid with small dick and has no friends and sucks at wrestling and can't get any pune from no girl
"God your such a Bryson"...........
by ryan durkin April 28, 2008
weird little fucker.
bryson is a total bryson
by vk,sckjlgssg April 26, 2008
An asshole...
2.A guy who cheats during a relationship
3.Seems hot but really isn't
4. Overall not someone you should date
1. Hey you know that guy i dated? Well he was a bryson!
by Sophie suicide April 17, 2008
a faggot who sells oatmeal squares and takes you captive as his boyfriend(You are now a sex slave to this proned sex offender)
watch out for that bryson! He's trying to get in your pants!!!
by bobby skitzophrenic February 25, 2008