SEX, sex sex sex sex, sex
Bryson is sex, no really, he is sex
by bryson98 April 28, 2008
sweetest, hottest, best guy a woman could ever ask for. the man of my life
i love you bryson
by jamie March 23, 2004
SEX, sex sex sex sex, sex
Bryson is sex, no really, he is sex
by bryson98 April 28, 2008
An extremely gorgeous stud of a man. He is easy to fall for and falls easily as well but then once he gets what he wants he is sure to leave. Usually only interested in sex like things persay HANDJOBS! But noone cares really becasue like i said hes like amazingly gorgeouss! Is known to have a six pack and usually has the arm muscles to go with it. He has alot of friends but can be a bit over dramatic. Overall he probably isnt the best boyfriend but that doesnt stop you from wanting him to be your boyfriend.
Mmmmm did you see that gorgeous man!? his name is probably Bryson.
by Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh January 05, 2009
One of the funniest kids alive. Famous saying; "game time". Great at lacrosse. Cute as a button. Attends Stanton College Prep in Jacksonville. Liked by Claren.
"harry potter?"
by iddkk October 28, 2007
A big man whore. Who goes from girl to girl making them think he likes you, but actually plays your ass. So Basically he's a fuck up that is never satisfied with any girl. He also can't take a hint when a girl isn't into him. He follows her around like a clingy puppy dog and has serious difficulty overcoming his fat ego.
by Shaniqua3202 October 22, 2013
A violent, percise, unprovoked, outburst, with use of a sharp object.
My god, that guy just brysoned that guy in the head with a knife. for no reason!!!
by Ebola February 23, 2003

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