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A god among his peers
They called him Bryson, because he ruled all of Duval
by Bryson the Great October 28, 2007
165 71
One of the most awesomest people you will ever meet.
Hey look, Bryson!
by Roscoe Dela Cruz December 08, 2008
393 137
1) an amazing guy who doesn't even need to try to be amazing, it just happens naturally to him. 2) a kid who is really good at basketball, really tall, short hair and really cute. 3) naturally awesome!
Wow, that good looking guy over their, totally a bryson!
by haley838 July 10, 2008
358 181
amazing person, who is very pretty
person A-he is such a bryson, hes amazing!
person B- i know, right?
by babybunny<3 December 24, 2008
266 136
the coolest guy in the world.the name is strange but at least it is not a lame name like is a very good name for your son.
hey BRYSON,i like your name it is way better than jasons name
by wejjfoeoeoieie July 13, 2008
267 153
sexiest guy alive... yes sireee
i lvoe bryson my sexy boyfriend
by unknown October 02, 2004
359 248
sweetest, hottest, best guy a woman could ever ask for. the man of my life
i love you bryson
by jamie March 23, 2004
157 52