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1) in Icelandic, a cross between a valkyrie and a elf/faerie who protects in time of war or strife

2) in Spanish, a toast. Origin of the name for the Mexican band Grupo Bryndís

3) pretty much everywhere, someone who will not be silenced by semi-literate homophobes
1) When everything went to hell in a hand basket, I started hollering "Bryndís!"

2) I have no idea what it means, but every time we did a shot of tequila he raised his glass and said "Bryndís!"

3) I went all Bryndís on him though, and when he realized everyone was laughing at him and he couldn't out shout me, he finally shut up.
by bforjustice May 16, 2011
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a hella annoying chick in my science class who wont shut up!
by a major F.G. May 04, 2008
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