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A Bryn is a seriously dangerous individual known to associate with several gangs such as the Bloods, the Latin Kings, and the Taylor Swift Fan Club. She is usually armed with water bottles full of cheap liquor and usually travels in packs of other bryn like creatures of the night.

A Bryn is known to reproduce with any male in sight and give birth to small Brynlings that eventually mature into full grown Bryns.

A Bryn typically seduces human males wearing several layers of polo shirts, axe bodyspray, tan timberland boots and a fitted hat. Once seduced, she propositions mating in return for free drinks at the bar.

With drink in hand she quickly scurries back into the night to rejoin her pack and start the process again until she finds a suitable human male to take home for the night to begin the mating ritual.

The Bryn and her pack roam the streets of human cities like a pack of wild dogs but flees back to her lair suspiciously around 2: am.

If you encounter a feral Bryn in the wild, do not approach her without being equipped with liquor and even then, use extreme caution. Like a black widow spider, she is known to devour human males after mating.
" I was going to go to the stoneyard tonight but I heard there was a Bryn lair in the girls bathroom so I left my credit card at home and only brought enough cash to buy myself drinks. Close call."
by trollolololl February 14, 2012
18 25
A Welsh boy that moved to England at a young age and now clames to be a full blooded English boy.
In an English accent

"I'm from London but I was born in Wales, So i'm English"
"Shut up Bryn!!!"
by Billy John Davies April 15, 2006
44 51
You may think she's your best friend but soon you will find that's she is a bitch. So if your friends with a Bryn and she is starting to act up then RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN! Kthxbai
Bryn: Hi Everyone

Everyone: Bye
by Ahahahahahahahahaha no February 22, 2014
2 14
A cigarette or a mate.

local to south wales.
Have you got a bryn i can blag?

Hows it goin bryn?
by tuna beak September 27, 2006
26 56