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1. The act of traveling to a foreign country specifically for the purpose of taking advantage of the young male population. 2. A woman who does the above, distinguished from cougars by the international focus.
1. I'm going Bryning in Malaysia next week! 2. She has so many frequent flyer miles she must be a Bryn!
by LolaHaze January 23, 2011
Bryn is a name that, in different languages, means the following:


It's a perfectly acceptable name and doesn't mean anything bad! Yeah it's also the name of me but I'm wicked cool.
Christina: Hey Bryn!
Bryn: Hi.
by ebkf May 01, 2005
she is a gorgeous sexy cat woman with amazing sports and dance ability. an extremely good friend who is crazy but can be calm when she needs to be. a very funny fun person to know
she's a bryn, you got to love her
by person105 September 20, 2011
Grassy knoll or hill; large grass covered area of contoured land.
Some dumb-ass shot John F. Kennedy from that bryn.
by emanon September 28, 2003
1. Welsh name for "hill"
2. None of the above definitions barring the hill one.
3. Me.
Bryn owns you all and is never wrong, ever.
by Bryn July 25, 2004