Another word for cool, bitchin, awesome, or "radical" for some. An awesome word that you should use right now
Dude #1: Hey, did you see that surfboard?
Dude #2: It was pretty brute, man
by The Urinator May 02, 2005
Top Definition
The pledge class of Fall '04.
Fall '04 was so brute; I overheard one of them say to his pledge bro that he wished there WAS gay shit.
by kappasig May 14, 2005
Brute, a large gorilla like alien, from the Halo Universe. Usually acting gay. They are extremely tough to kill unlike all the easier aliens that you face. Brutes wear many different types power armor that designates the Brute's particular rank. Brute Chieftain's have Gravity Hammers and big head crests, along with power shields.
That fucking Brute messed that Spartan up. He's not getting up any time soon. Oh shit he see's me, please don't eat me, wah wah ahhh aahhhh gurk
by just some other dude September 15, 2009
In keeping with the trend of ever-shortening words (such as whatevs, totes, obvs, and lates), brutes is short for brutal.
That final exam was so brutes!
Q: What do you think of her?
A: Brutes!
by victorion December 16, 2005
A branch off from well known word "brutal"-the word "brute" makes fun of kids who think they're "hardcore" or "brutal".
I got (place shitty hardcore band name)'s new album, it's fuckin' brute.
by BruteBart July 04, 2011
the act of being a ginger.
That boy is a brute! His hair and freckles makes him look like a ginger.
by Gary P. Nym June 10, 2009
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