1) The action of a creeper, stalker, pervert, etc., but taken to a much more intimate level.

2) An action between two people, usually a formal couple, friends with benefits, etc., where one tends to initialize the sexual mood/tension for the other person, or simply to turn someone on. It can be done physically (like caressing or fondling), verbally (like an innuendo), etc. It can occur anywhere at any time—neither time nor privacy is taken into consideration at times. Similar to foreplay.

3) Making something (phrase, object, action, etc) have a second, more sexual meaning.

Adapted from the Italian word "bruto", which means bestiality. In Italy, a bruto is colloquial for a person with a strong, “beast-like” sexual appetite.
1) Old candy man: I can give you something to suck on!
Young girl: Mommy, that old man is trying to brutalize me!

2) Dude: Now that I have you in my arms, I’m gonna tear off your clothes with my teeth & bite you till you can’t resist!
Girl: You wouldn't dare to brutalize me in this parking lot before I go to work now, would you?

3) Dude: I want you to grab my clutch hard & stay in control; my hands are sticky.

Girl: …You always have to brutalize things, don’t you?
Dude: Not my fault… I’m a bruto by nature! & so are you, for thinking dirty!
by paopao89 May 22, 2011
Top Definition
To completely degrade a person, physically or mentally.
"Nah ive change my mind on her now Stacey, i wanna brutalize her"
by duff13 August 04, 2008
A highly violent action or assault towards a person place or thing. (Usually does not end well for subject of the brutalization)
"I swear, if she says that one more time, I will brutalize her."
by CrimsonDragoon12 April 03, 2009
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