A Game Produced And Directed By Electronic Arts And Double Fine Productions, Starring Jack Black And A Host Of Other Cameos From Reputed Musicians. Directed By Tim Shaefer And Based In A Heavy Metal Universe.
Damn, Dont Tell Me Ive Been Slayin Hot Girls This Entire Time
Brutal Legend
by Pilko182 December 17, 2009
Top Definition
The best game ever. Based on Heavy Metal and starring Jack Black. It comes out in the month of Rocktober and will melt everyone's face off. Also directed by Tim Schaefer.
John: Hey brosac can you wait for Brutal Legend to come out?

Greg: No! That gamnme is gonna melt my face off in Rocktober!
by goldnight101 August 28, 2009
Heavy Metal mixed with plastic into a blender, superheated into a fine disc shape, and injected with enough badassery and madness to create the most Metaltastic video game of all time. And yes, the accent is of utmost importance.
Person A: Holy shit! Is that Brutal Legend?
Person B: No. It's Brütal Legend! Get out of my house!
by Danktankman January 20, 2010
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