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English regional slang for 'fart'. Origins can be traced back to Chester, Northwest England in the 1990s.
'Aww man, have you bruted?'

'Aww man, someone has done an egg brut, it stinks!'

'Aww man, someone's doin bruts!'
by Nick Dangerous July 07, 2011
Short form of the word brutal.
(Pronounced broots)
Kendra look at her outfit, it's bruts.
by meganf February 03, 2009
The best cologne on the store shelves. Get some and all the girls at school will fight over you.
Brut cologne smells great and it's been around longer than any other cheap ass cologne found on the store shelves.
by the man is here April 15, 2006
A shortened form of brutal.

1. when something is really boring

2. when something is really stupid
This test is so brut!
by Sarah 0529 February 20, 2006
Can be used as any noun or verb. Thanks Brattleboro!
"I'm going to brut this."

"Look at the brut he brought!"
by Pseudynonymous April 23, 2009
to drop or take a massive crap, or to go poop.
dude i don't know if i can take it anymore....i gotta go drop this brut.
by SEVEN June 14, 2006
The sound of a drive-by, honky!
BRUT! You got served muthafucka! Take your shit outta my house PLAYA!
by Filthybitch May 21, 2006
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