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A term used by Expats in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region of Poland for governmental abuse of the Polish bureaucratic system in order to illogically deny citizens of their rights. Named after a prominent Polish politician by the name of Rafal Bruski who perfected the art.
Guy 1: Hey dude, did you get your car registered? It has been what, 506 days?

Guy 2: No man, they are giving me the Bruski.
by BMW2002 July 23, 2012
A beer, to be enjoyed cold. Originates from the word 'Brew', but is a slang term.
Yo, fetch me a bruski.
by Funkmasterstorm December 07, 2007
an expression of brotherly endearment;
derived from a combination of the words "broski" and "bro" as pronounced by Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond (pronounced bru or brew)
Hey, bruski, watsup?
by a bruski January 08, 2009
A Bruski is a European term for enjoying a cold beer with a Polish politician. Undoubtedly, the culture of drinking alcohol is highly developed in Poland. Its roots go back to the times of monarchy and nobility, the pope John Paul II once declared “eat, drink and loosen your belt”, to many of the young boys in his care. This way of spending time is still very popular in Poland. However, do not suppose that you will see Polish streets full of overweight or drunk people.
I really could kill a bruski, no really I think I killed a bruski.
by coltinn July 01, 2011
A similar term to that of " Bru" , a "Bruski" however is often used in a far more sarcastic way. As it mocks those who say " Bru" often.
Some shouts " Hello my bru "

Someone responds " Oh howzit my bruski!" ( sarcastic tone of voice)
by Grommie101 April 18, 2011
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