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Abrupt and rude in manner or speech; discourteously blunt.
John Winslow is a very brusk person.
by KewDrew September 10, 2005
28 17
A guy who is kind, thoughtful, generous & caring and basically the loveliest guy in the world!
"Brusk, you are too kind!"
by TheGood April 06, 2009
20 11
(adj.) Brisk and Business-like Speech: Blunt, straight to the point, harsh

Also: bruskly

Connotation: Neutral/negative
Mr. Thompson's brusk manner often came accross as cold and uncaring.

"I need the notes by tomorrow," the manager said bruskly.
by LilySnap September 29, 2009
7 5
Slang term for the extra bits of hard candy or sweets that are left over from the production of boiled sweets. Originates in Cork, Ireland.
"Didja hear you can get a big bag of brusk for only 40 cents down by de Firkin Crane, bai?"
by Entroph November 10, 2008
3 13