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Abrupt and rude in manner or speech; discourteously blunt.
John Winslow is a very brusk person.
by KewDrew September 10, 2005
A guy who is kind, thoughtful, generous & caring and basically the loveliest guy in the world!
"Brusk, you are too kind!"
by TheGood April 06, 2009
(adj.) Brisk and Business-like Speech: Blunt, straight to the point, harsh

Also: bruskly

Connotation: Neutral/negative
Mr. Thompson's brusk manner often came accross as cold and uncaring.

"I need the notes by tomorrow," the manager said bruskly.
by LilySnap September 29, 2009
A term used to express an object or event that is very good.
For example, if your mate bought a new car, you could say 'bloody hell, that's a brusk car'.
It is also applicable to a sentence such as 'last night was brusk, I had a good time'.
by LeatherPoisoning January 12, 2016
Slang term for the extra bits of hard candy or sweets that are left over from the production of boiled sweets. Originates in Cork, Ireland.
"Didja hear you can get a big bag of brusk for only 40 cents down by de Firkin Crane, bai?"
by Entroph November 10, 2008
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